With China's rapid economic development, cultural exchanges and trade cooperation between China and other countries have

become more and more frequent. Chinese parents are no longer satisfied with the traditional Chinese-style English education,

which only pays attention to reading and writing. In order to gain a dominant position in the future global competition, Chinese

has generated a large demand for oral English training. That’s why training schools, kindergartens and public schools with foreign

teachers are becoming more popular. At the same time, good salary, low living cost, safe living environment and distinctive

cuisines attract more and more foreigners to explore China. China has 5,000 years of civilizations and history, numerous scenic

spots and places of interest, developed high-speed railway and complete aircraft and road transportation systems, online

shopping and food ordering, mobile payments everywhere. Modern China is exuding infinite charm and appealing.

3-Step Foreign Work Services Co., Ltd. is located in a well-known city------Nanjing, the ancient capital of the six dynasties.

Specialized in providing foreign teachers one-stop global workforce integration services by building a bridge for foreign workers

and Chinese education enterprises and other institutions, we offer services to make it convenient for foreign teachers in work and living

including good recommendation to Chinese companies and application for work visa and picking up at the airport and other

related work. Due to our hard work and good faith attitude, many language training schools and public schools and other

institutions have become our loyal customers. And also we have become our teachers’ Chinese parents when they are in need

of help. Now most of our teachers want to extend their stay in China after one-year of contract.

We are offering a number of ESL teacher positions in major cities of east and middle and north of China, including English

training schools, kindergartens and public schools. ESL teachers are needed all the year around, no matter you are native

English speakers or not, we can try our best to find you a best and suitable position. We are a professional ESL teacher job

agency, our service is free of charge for ESL teachers.

Welcome to join us! Please send your resume and introduction video to us via:


Wechat: 15950457273

We are looking forward to helping you get an offer and starting an amazing time in China!

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China