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3-Step Foreign Work Services Co., Ltd. is located in a well-known city---Nanjing, China.We are offering a number of ESL teacher positions in major cities of China, including training centers, kindergartens and public schools. ESL teachers are needed all the year round.
We are a professional ESL teacher job agency, our service is free of charge for ESL teachers. Welcome to send your resume and introduction video to us via E-mail or WeChat. We are looking forward to helping you get an offer in China.


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    Class & Life Moments
"I just want to say thank you for all of your services. 3-Step has been a professional, dependab- le, and invaluable asset. I don'tknow what I would do without 3-Step team to help me. They're my best friends now. And Chinese people are very kind, patient, and generous. Your students and their parents will love you, which means they will probably feed you too! "                                     ---Linda
Talking to Teachers
"I “gave up” my graduation ceremony to get to China one month earlier, but I didn’t feel regretful after I settled down here. It was such an amazing trip for me in my life! I had incredible time in China and made a lot of Chinese friends here. Certainly I can’t say how much I am grateful to 3-Step for finding me an excellent school and a great team in my office. China’s beauty and Chinese food and Chinese friends make my life here unforgettable forever."                                     ---Chris
"Moving to China to teach English is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has broadened my horizons and taught me how to look at life from a completely different perspective. I am fortunate to be working with an amazing team who have been welcoming and continually supportive. I look forward to the rest of my stay here. "                                   ---Paula
“I was a graduate back at home, looking for a new adventure when I came across teaching abroad. It was an exciting idea and with the excellent help from 3-Step, they quickly made it become a reality. 3-Step members really treat you like you’re part of their family. Any issues that occur they are quickly solved. I highly recommended their services as they are not like any agency I have seen or heard before.If you’re thinking of coming to China, if not , why not,it’s a great experience!”                                     ---Dillan
"I was lucky enough to get a teaching job in China through "3-steps Foreign Work Service"! Since day one they have helped me get adapted. I think I fit in well in China because it is a great platform for any teaching experience. The culture is rich, the people are friendly and the food is very delicious. I think I want to settle down and live in China."
"I was looking for a new chall- enge and new opportunities,   when I heard about teaching in China I knew it was what I was meant to to do. My love for kids and  my love for my language   is now my occupation and      none of this would be possible  if it was not for the wonderful   people at 3-step foreign work services."                                 ---Heinrich

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We will recommend you to the suitable schools and set up the interviews with them for you.

After you pass the interviews with us and the school, you will get an offer to teach in China.

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